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Long-Form Content Marketing Samples

The Overlook vs. Boston Retirement Communities

I developed this content to compare the benefits of retiring in a small community outside of the city vs. retiring at a senior living community in a larger city (Boston specifically for this piece).

Charlotte Ant Control Services

I used primary (interviews) and secondary (articles) research to write and organize the copy for this ant control services page for a client within the pest control industry.

A Guide to Senior Living

I developed, co-wrote and edited all of the content within this complete guide to senior living to enhance SEO and provide visitors with easy-to-understand information about each level of senior care.

Blog Samples

What You Missed at the SEJ Summit

I attended the 2017 SEJ Summit in Chicago with a co-worker, spent a few hours ruffling through all of our notes and wrote + designed + posted a blog highlighting our key takeaways from each speaker at the conference to Epic Notion’s website.

6 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Social Media for Your Business

One of my duties at Epic Notion was to lead all of the social media efforts for our clients. So, I researched, developed and published this informational piece describing the importance of consistent social media marketing for business.

Meat Today’s Top 4 Consumers

A blog written under Angelina Villarreal’s byline and picked up by the Shelby Report – you can check out the article here.