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Long-Form Content Marketing Samples

Bookkeepers, Accountants and the Cloud: 7 Reasons Why You Need to Move to the Cloud Today

An e-guide I researched and wrote for an ongoing SEO / content marketing and lead generation campaign to promote the benefits of cloud adoption in the financial services sector.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services

I crafted this new web page content to enhance SEO and serve as an informative tool for incoming traffic highlighting the numerous benefits of cloud hosting for this accounting software.

The Overlook vs. Boston Retirement Communities*

I developed this content to compare the benefits of retiring in a small community outside of the city vs. retiring at a senior living community in a larger city (Boston specifically for this piece). *

Charlotte Ant Control Services

I used primary (interviews) and secondary (articles) research to write and organize the copy for this ant control services page for a client within the pest control industry.

Blog Samples

QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Hosting: Which is Better?

I wrote this blog to serve two purposes: to be an informative piece for potential and current cloud hosting customers and to increase Summit Hosting’s organic keyword rankings.

What You Missed at the SEJ Summit

I attended the 2017 SEJ Summit in Chicago with a co-worker, spent a few hours ruffling through all of our notes and wrote + designed + posted a blog highlighting our key takeaways from each speaker at the conference to Epic Notion’s website.

6 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Social Media for Your Business

One of my duties at Epic Notion was to lead all of the social media efforts for our clients. So, I researched, developed and published this informational piece describing the importance of consistent social media marketing for business.

Meat Today’s Top 4 Consumers*

A blog written under Angelina Villarreal’s byline and picked up by the Shelby Report – you can check out the article here.

*The website was redesigned, and they removed many of their archived blogs in the process, so the above links to the Wayback Machine’s version.